If You Build Your Kids a Swing Set…

If your husband builds your kids a swing set, they’ll enjoy all the swinging and sliding and climbing – – until you have to move, and the lady buying your house wants the swing set too.

When you get to the new house, your kids will repeatedly ask for another swing set.

But, you live around the corner from the neighborhood playground – so you convince the kids they can live without a backyard swing set.  And life is good…

Until you have another baby.  (Did anyone not see that one coming?) Then, you realize you NEED a backyard swing set to keep the 3 bigs entertained while you tend to the new little in the comfort of home.

So, your husband will build them one.  And they will have fun swinging and sliding and climbing.  But you live in Texas, so it won’t be long until they ask for a pool.  And you will want one also.

While the pool is being dug and plumbed and plastered, you’ll have to temporarily remove the swing set.

Once the pool is complete, the kids will wonder aloud when they will have their swing set back.

So, your husband will build it again – – but this time, it will be in a different spot in the yard. There is no room for the slide, but it is still a rocking swing set.

When you show the kids the newly redesigned swing set, they will pout about no slide.

But, there are new easy-to-climb stairs that Hubby reworked for the little guy, who also loves swinging, and soon all the kids are enjoying the slide-free play structure.

But, just as the little man is learning to swing on his own, the 3 bigs now have more fun riding bikes, shooting hoops, and playing football in the front yard.  And when the 3 bigs are in the front yard, that’s where the little guy wants to be too.

So, you realize that you probably don’t need the giant swing set taking up half your yard.  and you decide it’s time to take it down.  But, when you talk about taking down the swing set that nobody’s using – the little guy pitches a fit.  He will miss his swing set.

So, you decide to make a small playhouse in place of the swing set:  something that will take up less space and provide a comfy lounging area for all 4 kids to play games, do crafts, and eat snacks outside.

You spend countless hours on Pinterest to find exactly what you want your playhouse to look like.  You sift through lots of nonsense about melted crayon art, and triple story tree houses until you find inspiration on thehandmadehome.net; your husband draws out plans and your kids start giving input (“NEED a chalkboard; WANT a table; MUST HAVE be achy decor”).

Because you’re environmentally friendly (or frugal), your husband uses all the wood from the swing set to build a beautiful playhouse, cabana style, for the kids.  There is much drilling and sawing; hammering and sanding; painting and staining; shopping and accessorizing.

It looks amazing.  Hubby even wrangled up authentic nautical stuff from his childhood and early adulthood on the water in New York.

You’re the envy of all of your friends and neighbors.  And when it is finally time to hang out in the playhouse, the little guy says, “It’s cool, but I wish it had a slide or a swing.”

So, when you build your kids a playhouse, be careful!  They’ll probably ask for a swing set to go with it…



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