Just a typical day…

We have some family visiting from out of town.  They are super excited to spend time with the kiddos…

#1 – When they arrived, my little man thought he had to be fancy so he opted to don a pastel pink headband and assorted bracelets.  More on this here:


#2 – I had to leave for a bit with my sweet Izzi, and I left the relatives with Sofie and Dean, while Luca helped Big Daddy start building an outdoor playhouse.  Sofie, Dean and Visiting Relative X had decided to play Scrabble.  Great – -or so I thought.  When I arrived home, I innocently (naively?  inanely?) asked, “How was the game?”  The answer:  “I can NOT play with your kids!  Dean tried to fake a word because he had bad tiles; Sofie wouldn’t stand for it; Dean threw a fit; Sofie wouldn’t budge.  It was very TENSE!  They are very competitive, Tammy.”  Um, yes.

#3 – Little man Luca- – aka child #4 – – wanted to take everyone to the indoor playground at his preschool.  Last month – he took another family visitor there and fun was had by all, except for Dean who had declared himself claustrophobic and afraid of the dark.  Dean – who went on the newly dreaded “BIG SLIDE” many times at age 4 when he attended the same preschool – refused to even so much as climb the stairs to what he “knew” would be a pitch black, tiny, blood-curtling hall of frights (because that would fit in perfectly in a building designed for 2-5  year olds).

So, this time – Luca brought a flashlight along for his big brother to carry, thinking it would be the key to Dean’s ability to conquer the “BIG SLIDE.”  It wasn’t.  Dean stayed away as long as he could.  When it was almost time to go, I bribed Dean with books (how great is it that my kids will work for BOOKS?) to try the slide.  He got close – – but then he truly started hyperventilating.  For real.  So – I upped my bribery game:  “2 books.”  That got him a little closer – but then he couldn’t do it.  After much poking and prodding, he finally acquiesced and ascended the stairs of horror, while doing his best yoga breathing.  When he finally made it to the death trap (** BIG SLIDE**) – he shouted to us that he could not, would not make it down.  He was stuck in indoor playground limbo.  The grown ups were not prepared for a search and rescue operation so I used my stern mommy voice to order him down.  And down he slid.  “Wasn’t it fun?” I asked.  “No” was his brief and hostile reply.  We convinced him to go again – – and by the 4th time, he actually enjoyed it.  I had no idea we’d be having a complete desensitization therapy session at the indoor playground.

This was just a day and a half of the madness and merriment that our visitors have so far endured! Good thing they love us!

A St. Patrick’s Day wish for all my friends and family – near and far:

May you always be fancy; may you always win; may you never let your fears ruin your fun and most importantly – – may your cocktail glasses and your hearts always be full.  Cheers!



3 thoughts on “Just a typical day…

    1. CUZ!! I love YOU! How is your adventure of a lifetime trip going?? I’m not on Facebook so I haven’t seen pics – – can’t wait to log back on and see all the tremendous and amazing fun you’re having! Hope to see you soon!! xoxo


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