Sometimes – – you just wanna be fancy.

In case you’ve not been reading the blog (GASP!  THE HORROR!), or you don’t know me or my family at all – let me catch you up really quickly and easily:  my kids are a unique bunch of personalities:

I have a 12-yr-old daughter who looks like a future supermodel and who loves and lives for football.  FOOTBALL.  (if you know me at all, you know why that is extra odd).  She doesn’t just watch the games, or own a jersey.  She has being a salary capologist as her life’s ambition and as such, she is intimately familiar with all football stats dating back to – – I don’t know – dating really far back.  She also knows salaries, players’ worth, and she is well-versed in college up-and-comers so she can plot drafts accordingly.

Then I have an 11-year-old daughter who is just as beautiful as her sister in a more dark and exotic kind of way; who still loves playing with dolls; who skips through life as if it is all rainbows and unicorns – in fact she once created an imaginary world known as Sofie-ville where there were unicorns who pooped rainbows, and free brownies for everyone; who sings ALL THE TIME, much to her older sister’s chagrin; and who has exhibited early signs that she may be a future featured story on HOARDERS.  More on that in another future post.

I have a 10-year-old son who has such intense anxiety that once, when my car wouldn’t start after we had all buckled up inside the garage, he practically had a heart attack because he was certain we’d perish as we had no way out of our vehicular coffin – – until I opened the doors.  PHEW!  He is also a very old soul.  In fact, I often joke that he has the soul of an 80-year-old Jewish man.  His recent work on pick-up lines (Read more on this here: makes me think it may be the soul of an 80-year-old Jewish gigolo, but that’s neither here nor there.  He runs deep.

Then – I have a 5-year-old son who is an enigma.  He proposed to his girlfriend at age 4, and he asks me almost daily when he can have the wedding.  His best friend is an imaginary poopie named: Poopie.  For more on this, you can read:

He sings; he dances; he thinks he knows EVERYTHING.  You can tell him a certain fact like “Luca, ya know the world is round like this globe.”  And he will respond with, “That’s YOUR opinion!”  And sometimes – perhaps more often than you may think – my 5-year-old son just wants to be fancy – as seen in the youtube video below:

I love him as I love all my babies.  He just may be a little more fabulous than I had previously imagined.  And who doesn’t need more fabulous?

So – there ya have it.  It’s a short post today – but it needed to be put out there.  If you’re still needing more Luca, here’s a weird version of “HELLO” that he made up on the spot, apparently combining Adele’s version, the Star Wars version, and his own take on Star Wars – which clearly involves mean sheep who are trying to take over the Earth.  Happy Thursday!



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